TINTORIA MAIA Best Laundry & Dry Cleaner Services in Merano Italy Tintoria lavanderia lavanderie a secco

Tintoria Maia offer convenience of having clothes professionally dry cleaned, and laundered everyday or to have your clothes repaired and altered, by our in-house tailors and team of cleaning staff. Combined with our wide range of additional services which include, natural dry cleaning, Wedding dress dry cleaning, carpet cleaning, garments cleaning, curtain dry cleaning, suede, ironing service, blanket cleaning, wash & fold service and leather dry cleaning, rug dry cleaning, bed linen laundry, shirt laundry, weekly household laundry service.

Our specialist services include wedding dress cleaning, wedding gown cleaning, curtain cleaning and a hand finished laundry service. Our trained staff has combined experience in quality garment care with continued training to ensure we offer the best garment care practices currently available.

We have rich experience in Dry Cleaning and Laundry services to take care of your garments and get them really clean time after time. Over the years we have developed the skills, knowledge, and experience to cope with most fabrics and most dry cleaning and washing situations. We can often remove the most stubborn stains. To that end, only the best dry cleaning technology, processes, solvents, and materials are used to perform our tasks, so that your garments are safely and thoroughly cleaned.

We offer cleaning service that takes care of your clothes like you would. We make it a point to understand clothes and fabrics better. So be it normal washing, dry cleaning those special clothes, just ironing those washed clothes, we make your clothes feel special.