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Blankets, Duvets and quilts cleaning Service in Merano

You wont be disappointed with our professional Blankets, duvet and pillow laundry cleaning service. Whether polyester, feather, down, wool or silk filled we've suitable processes for deep and thorough cleaning. Most blankets, duvets & pillows are laundered but occasionally dry cleaning is the more suitable process.

Typically, you should wash your bed duvet or blanket once every three months. Since the average person loses over a litre of moisture during their sleep, this is left behind in your bedding and duvet. Therefore, regular cleaning is important to maintain the overall hygiene of your bed.

Of course, washing your duvet at home is difficult. Most commercial washing machines are too large, and duvets require special care during the drying process. Similarly, down duvets require dry cleaning, which cannot be achieved at home.

We recommend having your blankets & duvet professionally cleaned by our laundry experts, using our free collection & delivery service to and from your doorstep.