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Ironing Service in Merano

At Tintoria Maia, we have a range of hand ironing services near you specially tailored to have your clothes and home looking at their very best. From worn items like trousers, shirts, dresses, and suits, to household items such as bed linen, tablecloths, and curtain, they will all benefit from our professional hand ironing service. Our team of ironing professionals are experienced and fully trained to deal with bulk ironing jobs and specialist delicate items such as wedding dresses and silks. Did you know that ironing also eliminates any germs not killed by the washing process?

We have ironing services for your everyday clothing items that you wear on a daily basis, to get them looking as neat as possible, and consequently you are looking at your very best. You will really see the benefit of using our same day Ironing services if you have an item that creases easily or has a lot of folds, and pleats in it such as dresses and blouses.

Get a full laundry service from washing to ironing and delivering your freshly laundered clothes to your door. As well as offering an ironing service, we can also assist you with dry cleaning and alterations. Whether you have work wear, casual clothes, uniforms, children's clothes, bedding or special care garments, we specialise in it all. We can take care of shirts, blouses, jeans, trousers, pleated shirts, dresses, underwear, silks as well as sheets, duvet covers and large table covers and many many more.