TINTORIA MAIA Best Laundry & Dry Cleaner Services in Merano Italy Tintoria lavanderia lavanderie a secco

Washing & Laundry Service in Merano

Do you require regular & washing laundry services? We use quality detergents to help maintain clothes in good condition. From woollens to business wear and casual wear, you can rely on us to use only the most reliable products to give your clothes a caring wash. All our products ensure that your garments stay looking fresh and feel soft to your touch.

With the latest equipment for washing to tackle your laundry in a hassle-free manner. Professional service and eco-friendly materials used by Tintoria Maia.

With highly competitive pricing and top quality Folded Laundry service - as well as Ironed Laundry & Dry Cleaning service - there is no need to head out with a heavy load of clothing. Instead, we offer the fastest turnaround times.

We wash all your home items when you take advantage of our laundry service! From coats to trousers, from curtains to bedspreads, our laundry service caters for all load types. We believe in offering a wide range of professional laundry services to all of our customers. So,If you’re looking for a reliable home laundry service that will collect or you can drop off your dirty washing and return it clean in a super-quick turnaround time.