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Wedding Dress & Wedding Gown Dry Cleaning Service in Merano

We have over 10 years of experience, and with that comes quality and reliability. So you can trust us to carefully clean your wedding dress with the best possible results.

Tintoria Maia cleaners are experts in Wedding gown & dress dry cleaning, we not only dry clean but also restore, repair and preserve bridal gowns and dresses. We understand, on the special day of your wedding, your wedding gown is going to be the center of attraction.

We understand you don't want to take risks with a precious, special and expensive item such as your wedding dress.

Tintoria Maia aim is to provide the best possible wedding dress dry cleaning service to ensure your wedding day is a special and memorable one. Our staff is properly trained to ensure that wedding dresses are cleaned carefully for the very best results. We determine the right kind washing and cleaning process for the composition of the individual dress. Using the right cleaning procedure avoids shrinking and damaging the nature of the fabric of the delicate article.